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Miracle League of Macon (MLM) was founded in 2003 and achieved a 501(c)(3) rating at the end of that year. We started the non-profit organization after witnessing a season of Miracle League baseball at the original Miracle field in Conyers, GA. Our then 7-year old son, Alex, played his first season of Miracle League baseball during the 2003 spring season. After a few 140 mile round-trip drives to his games, we decided that our community and surrounding counties needed this special brand of baseball here in middle Georgia. That was when we joined the Miracle League Association, and at that time became their only chapter in middle and South Georgia. Our son Alex is just one of thousands of youth and adults who have discovered Miracle League baseball since its creation in Conyers in 1998. The Miracle League provides for players, ages 5 and above, with mental and/or physical challenges, an opportunity to play baseball as a team

member in an organized league. The league utilizes an ADA approved synthetic rubber turf field that allows all children with special needs an opportunity to play on a “level”-playing surface. Our world’s baseball diamonds are unfortunately not kind to our children’s wheelchairs and walkers. The Miracle League allows these children an opportunity to finally play baseball

for the first time in their lives.  We had our first season in spring 2005. We played on a regular grass and dirt field at West Macon Park. It required extra work on our part because of the hindrances a regular field presents to the wheelchairs, but we wanted to follow the model of other Miracle Leagues

around the country. Many of them also began playing on regular diamonds in order to introduce the Miracle League to the community and raise awareness of the ultimate desire for the construction of a true Miracle field. The city of Macon provided the land at West Macon Park on which the Miracle field would be built. A resolution of our Mayor and City Council directed our Parks and Recreation Department to work together with MLM in the planning and

construction of the Miracle Field. Our goal from the beginning was to build the Miracle field around many existing youth fields of able-bodied peers. In the movie, “Field of Dreams”, the field was secluded and isolated from

the rest of the community. We don’t desire that same setting. Our “field of dreams” will help unite able-bodied individuals with our children of special needs. We want the other leagues to witness what our league is all about. Our league utilizes a “buddy” system. Each Miracle League player has an able-bodied “buddy”, one who protects the Miracle player at all times, as well as assisting that player according to his or her needs. The buddy does whatever is required to help the player while being a great encourager at all times. Having “buddies” is a tremendous way to create new friendships and relationships for our players. Another goal is to reach families and players not just in Macon, but all of middle Georgia and the surrounding counties. If we were willing to drive to Conyers for 3 years just for our son to play, think of

how many other families might be willing to come to Macon for the same enjoyment we had. In the spring of 2008, we completed construction of our rubber turf field, Peyton Anderson Miracle Field. We played our first games on turf in our 4th spring season. In the spring of 2010, we added bathrooms and a pavilion area adjacent to our field. In the summer of 2015,

we added a competitive division of Miracle League for those players who don’t need the assistance of buddies. Unlike our traditional, non-competitive division, these games do include scoring, outs, and an eventual winner and loser. Our turf is now eroding and a few years past its warrantee, and we will soon be in pursuance of a new fundraiser to collect enough funds to afford a new rubber turf. All monies raised since MLM's creation have come in the form of personal and corporate donations, fundraisers, and grants from foundations. Our hope is that Miracle fields will become as common as able-bodied baseball fields. Whenever a new baseball complex is being

built, I hope someone asks, “Where should we put the Miracle field”?

Miracle League Mission Statement

Provide opportunities for children with

disabilities to play Miracle League baseball, regardless of their abilities.

Promote community support and

sponsorship of Miracle Leagues.

Promote the construction of special

facilities that meet the unique needs of Miracle League players and their



cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with


What we can do is provide them with an

opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our

National pastime–baseball.

“Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play Baseball”

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